1. The Two Types of Investment Risk & Why It Matters For Your Money

    When investing in the stock market you take on the risk of losing money. There is no way around it. But not all risk is made equally and today we are going to talk about the two types of risks you will encounter when investing and why it matters to you. When investing, risk boils down to the followi…Read More

  2. How RMDs are affected by the CARES Act for 2020

    The U.S. Government has been putting trillions of dollars into the market place and consumer’s hands in order to tide the effects the Corona Virus lockdown is having on our economy. As part of the Cares Act the Internal Revenue Code has been amended to suspend Required Minimum Distributions from r…Read More

  3. Covid-19 programs available for Businesses & Self-Employed

    As part of the CARE ACT (The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security), Congress is providing $350 billion for a loan program to assist businesses and self-employed persons during the COVID-19 crisis.   Under the Keeping American Workers Paid and Employed Act, the Payroll Protection Progr…Read More

  4. Elite Wealth Planning: What is it & Why does it matter?

    Elite Wealth Planning often plays a key role in the lives of today's highly successful individuals and families-as well as those who are on the path toward great financial success. With that in mind, here's a closer look at just what elite wealth planning is-how it works and how it can potentially h…Read More

  5. Our newest article for US News and World Report!

    We are excited to announce that we are new contributors to US News and World Report's personal finance blog “The Smarter Investor”! You can find our latest article written by President Owen Schrum here: https://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/the-smarter-mutual-fund-investor/articles/2018-03-15/how…Read More

  6. Please Fasten your seatbelts.

    One of the biggest fears people have of flying is the sensation of turbulence. Turbulence, as it turns out, is a completely unfounded fear. There have been a reported 0 commercial airline crashes due to the occurrence of turbulence. The equivalent of turbulence in investing is market volatility, and…Read More

  7. 5 Things You Need To Know About SEP IRAs.

        SEP IRAs don’t get a lot of attention in the investment world, but they offer employers a wonderful way to set up retirement plans for their employees without the cost of more traditional accounts like 401Ks. If you are self-employed or work for a small business, you may very well ha…Read More

  8. Exploration, Rough Seas, and Market Volatility.

    On Jan 23, 1960 Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard stood atop a deep-sea submersible vehicle floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Their goal was to take this craft, the Trieste, to the bottom of the deepest point in the ocean: The Mariana Trench. That day the ocean was especially rough, and the s…Read More