Why Schrum Private Wealth Management?

All Financial Advisors are not the same.



Professionally Distinguished

Schrum Private Wealth has CFP Professionals, CIMA Professionals, and NSSA Professionals on staff!



We are legally obligated to work in your best Interest. Yes, really.


Commission Free

As a fee-only advisor you know what you pay. No commissions, no hidden fees.

Our Team

Our Step-by-Step Process


1. Schedule 15-minute phone call

Step one is a 15-minute phone call to ensure your situation and our expertise are a good fit.

We are experts on helping people plan and invest for retirement.


2. Discovery Meeting

Step two is a 1 hour meeting where we discuss what is most important to you, your goals, and concerns when is comes to your money and future plans.

This is our chance to understand where you are, where you want to be, and the gaps for getting there.


3. The Big Reveal!

Once our team completes your assessment we will share a clear and concise plan outlining our findings and recommendations for achieving what is most important to you. 


4. Relax

We want you to take at least 24 hours to come to a decision on if we are the right advisors for you. 

We are looking for long-term client relationships. This means no pushy sales tactics. When we decide we would like to mutually work together we will transition you to our client on-boarding process. Welcome to the family!

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