Investment Management

We never forget that it can take a lifetime to earn and build wealth. With our investment management services, we deliver custom portfolios aimed at preserving that wealth. Our approach for you is rooted in work done at the University of Chicago, MIT, and other renowned institutions. We invest for you according to these fundamental principles:

  • Use thoughtful financial planning to drive investment decisions.
  • Ground investment strategy in rigorous academic research, not Wall Street trends.
  • Create globally-diversified portfolios, the kind that have historically been shown to reduce risk and improve return.
  • Minimize costs, taxes and turnover everywhere possible.

Tax Minimization and Coordination

For many, their largest expense in life is taxes. Financial advisors often overlook how important it is to integrate tax and financial planning when helping clients reach their goals. At Schrum Private Wealth Management, we:

  • Utilize tax-efficient portfolios.
  • Incorporate tax-planning in all advanced planning.
  • Carefully structure IRA and retirement plans for tax mitigation.
  • Work hand in hand with your CPA to coordinate tax minimization on your behalf.
  • Draw upon the expertise of our partnered CPA firm for consultation, reviews, or referral.

Advanced Planning

More than simply financial planning and estate planning, advanced planning involves comprehensive strategies and services to address our clients’ biggest and most important concerns involving their entire life. This goes beyond retirement planning, and is vital to securing your financial future—as well as the impact it has on your loved ones. Advanced financial planning entails:

  • Taking care of a client’s family and heirs through estate planning and retirement income planning.
  • Making sure assets are not taken unjustly by lawsuits, disaster, liability, or improper titling of assets.
  • Implement charitable giving strategies

For business owners, we work with you to maximize corporate retirement plans and put in place succession or transfer strategies. This retirement planning on a corporate level can make your job and responsibilities significantly easier.

Additionally, our financial advisors focus significantly on collaboration to ensure your needs are met. Our investment management firm works closely with your professional advisors, as well as and our network of professionals to your benefit.

IRA and Retirement Plan Consulting and Management for Businesses and Individuals

Today, over 32 percent of American’s investable assets are in some type of qualified retirement plan. IRA and 401(k) plans alone account for over 13 trillion dollars of Americans retirement funds. Just like our tax code, the rules that govern these accounts have grown more complex.

These complex rules often lead to mistakes, and these mistakes can be terribly costly. We utilize our years of expertise to assist individuals and businesses manage and structure their retirement plans.

When you’re ready to take control of your future, our financial planning is exactly what you need to be successful. Our investment management firm is committed to helping your business, your family, or yourself to make informed decisions. With our financial advisors at your side, you’ll have a dedicated team of professionals ready to guide your financial future towards success. Contact Schrum Private Wealth Management to learn more, and receive a free review of your financial portfolio! We look forward to working with you.