1. Byron Wien’s 10 Surprises of 2018

    Every year for the past 36 years, Blackstone’s legendary Byron Wien commits to paper for all the world to see, 10 surprises he believes have a greater than 50% chance of occurring throughout the economy, the financial markets, and world politics. This week, just like the last 36 years, Wien put ou…Read More

  2. The Importance of Retirement Planning

    Whether it’s decades out or only a few years away, retirement is on the path for us all. Even it seems far away, the time for financial planning and figuring out your retirement financial portfolio needs to start now. It might seem unnecessary, especially if retirement is a ways down the road, but…Read More

  3. The Crash of Black Monday…Redux

    We tend to have short institutional memories. Sure, we all probably remember our first prom or the birth of a child but big events and their historic importance fade with time. Imagine waking up tomorrow and the headlines of the paper read: STOCKS PLUNGE 5233 POINTS DOWN 22.6% $4.4 TRILLION LOST Thi…Read More

  4. GOP Tax Proposal. What does it mean for you?

    There is some really good information coming up; things you probably want to know.  What your taxes may look like going forward. And it comes from a highly respected source.  So let me give you a bit on the source, IMCA® and then on the good stuff. IMCA®, or the Investment Management Consultants…Read More


    IRA’S have been the ‘Ugly Duckling’ of Investments. This Ugly Duckling has turned into the proverbial ‘Swan’ as IRA’s account for more than 8.2 TRILLION DOLLARS of Americans’ Retirement Assets, and more than 42 MILLION households count on IRA’s to fund their retirement. IRA’s start…Read More